Prevent Sexual Harassment & Violence
in the Workplace

Meet your due diligence and avoid a Hostile Work Environment by having a sexual harassment policy, conducting training, and monitoring.

With our Prevent Sexual Harassment & Violence Training Program, you receive:

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Hosted LMS

Hosted LMS

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SCORM Training Files

SCORM Training Files

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Streaming Service

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Virtual Training

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Sexual Harassment Prevention Compliance Training

Harassment Prevention Compliance Training

HR Proactive’s Prevent Sexual Harassment training program is designed to work for all employers in all states, including those with required training laws such as California, New York, Connecticut, etc. Instead of creating static, state-specific programs, we crafted a best practice approach which means our program can be used in all states and, if wanting a specific state requirement, our Participant Guide includes quick access website links for reference.

In addition, New York state requires training to be interactive which can be achieved using our blended learning approach with our video or online training, combined with our interactive activities, case studies, quizzes, and in-person discussion. You don’t need to be a subject-matter specialist to deliver our training. We provide a fully-scripted Leader Guide that has the research and development prepared for you.

Some jurisdictions, like Chicago, require employers to include Bystander Intervention training. This training provides valuable information on how to safely deal with inappropriate behavior that could be considered harassment or potentially lead to harassment. The 5Ds model and the Bystander Effect are explored along with how to be an ally and provide support to the targeted individual. By combining the Bystander Intervention module with Harassment Prevention training, employees will be empowered to be the first line of defense against all forms of harassment and discrimination.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) calls Bystander Intervention training “a game changer that can have a positive impact on workplace culture by creating  a sense of collective responsibility.”

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